10 Aug 2017

Living in a dream

-Belleza- Isis 

.LeLutka.Head.Spencer 3.0

::LFE; KimmyRidley dress 

Ys & Ys skin Emilia @ Collabor88

Amala - Spy Headset 

B R A N D Y Braids Updo [Drk/brown] - By Naomie Dirval

[BREATHE]-Fumiko Heels-M_Solid-Nude @ Collabor88

 Camilla necklace: Kunglers

Spencer head by Lelutka

I`m showing you two of the four heads by Lelutka today: 
Spencer and Greer:


 above: Miluna skin

Lelutka head Spencer
Ys&Ys skin Elena

Greer head: 

Ys&Ys skin Miluna on Greer mesh head by Lelutka

(Kunglers) Morgana earrings - Mocca

*YS&YS* Cannes Chocker

.LeLutka.Head.Greer 3.0

HOMAGE : Stay High - Chocolate[Higher]

7 Aug 2017


The new mesh head "Bianca" from Lelutka
is a classic beauty. The animations that come with the HUD are pretty amazing
and inclue not only static poses but also the so called "moods",
which are looping animations that give the face a constant changing
facial expression.
It s really fun to watch. 

The new updated hud includes the following changes:

  • Moods completely overhauled.
    – Head now includes 12 brand new moods in their own tab of the animation browser.
    – You can activate several moods at a time. The head will randomly cycle all active moods.
    – Each mood can be played with or without extra head animations.
    – Mood animations include blinking baked in for realism, but random blinks can still be applied when no moods are active.
  • Five new talks, including a singing animation.
  • Five mouth poses (Part Lips x3, Chew, Open Mouth).
  • Animation capacity massively increased.
  • Backup system capacity increased.
  • Creator kit now includes models for all 7 heads.
  • Better feedback regarding accidentally wearing multiple heads/HUDs or old versions.
  • Omega plugin updated
    – Accepts new Omega eyelashes appliers.
    – Older Omega appliers targeting the “HTatt” layer will now pop up a dialog asking which layer you want to apply to, rather than just hitting all makeup layers.
    – Omega eye appliers will now ask whether you want to apply to left, right, or both eyes.

  • Animation browser major upgrade– New “Favorites” feature allows you to get easy access to the animations you use most.
    (click and hold on any animation to add or remove it from favorites.)
    – Moods have been moved from the drop-down menu into a new browser tab.
    – Increased to 16 thumbnails (was 8)
    – Animations and moods can now be deleted from your library so you can trim it down to just the ones you really want.
    – Scroll bar can be dragged for quicker browsing
    – “Expressions” browser renamed to more general “Animations”
  • Simplified and streamlined Animate tab interface.
  • Settings tab now has buttons at the bottom to retrieve updated content directly from LeLutka — such as a creator kit, a backup device, and several other things.
     (Keep an eye on the “Misc” button down there!)
  • Eye cast controller can now be accessed from either Animate or Eyes/Mouth tabs.
  • New textures for human teeth, plus a button to hide/show your tongue.



.LeLutka.Head.Bianca 3.0

TETRA - Pineapple Hair 

3 Aug 2017

The amazing world of AlaskaMetro

There are only a few designers that I know of (and of course I cant claim to know them all)
that release new creations as if their life depended on it.
This is of course not meant seriously ;P
What I really mean to say is that some designers release a lot of material 
and do so very often.
AlaskaMetro is one of those brands that is not only
very active in that respect but also very generous when it comes to sending out review copies
of those releases. And if I really took it on to blogpost most of those review copies,
I wud probably need a third life ! ;)
So I m gonna show some of the latest August releases today.


5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks inspired by bioluminescent creatures of the deep. Separate packages for Classic/Omega, 
Lelutka, and Catwa. Free tester available

Indie Teepee is an annual celebration of art, culture, and music, and this year's festival is futuristic. 
In the past I have had the pleasure to also show one of my installations at Indie Teepee 
and I can asure you the event is worth a visit !
AlaskaMetro is taking part with ocean themed cosmetics  for a very evolved, aquatic look:


"The annual Mesh Body Addicts Fair is back with original fitmesh, beautiful cosmetics and skins, and accessories for your mesh body! The pop up store features some latest cosmetics releases, a new makeup palette, and a brand new skin to replace the older line.
Includes classic avatar skins plus face appliers for Omega (head only), Lelutka, and Catwa. Available in 3 skintones. Includes no brow version plus brows in light, medium, and dark colours. "Sunny" is fully compatible with all other cosmetics, and the Omega version is optimized for new LOGO and LAQ Bento heads." (original press release text)


Mesh Body Addicts Fair runs from August 1 through 21.
I hope you have time to go see some of it :)
Have fun!


Sarika feather earrings by Zaara
*barberyumyum*85(brown) (pic 3 and 4)
Emo-tions "Keisha" hair (pic 1)
L` étre hairbase "kim" (pic 2 and 5)
.LeLutka.Head.Cate 2.7
alaskametro<3 "Sunny" face skin appliers - Tone 4

2 Aug 2017

Oh hello, NaomieLou

Such a cute dress is MaomieLou!
Its available for all meshbodies and comes
in five colours!
Check out the stoooooore  !

.:EMO-tions:. * KEISHA * 

::LFE;NaomieLou  Skirt

::LFE;NaomieLou  Sweater

::LFE;NaomieLou sandales  

31 Jul 2017


A wonderful and sexy bodysuit from Narcisse can be grabbed at Uber!

Duona hair: Tableau Vivant

Victoria bodysuit: Narcisse

30 Jul 2017

Sarah gift

If you join the Colivati group now you can recieve this amazing skin
called Sarah as gift. Ain t that worth a click?

CATWA head Catya v2.16

skin applier Sarah - Colivati

 dress -Colivati @ Tres Chic

tram G0616 hair

Catwa head "Tumble"

29 Jul 2017


The beautiful Isabelle applier is available in the Belleza mainstore
for 50 L friday and works on Catwa heads.

*Epic* Butterfly Buddie {Rainbow}[L.Hand]

*YS&YS* Fame Lipstick applier for Catwa Bento Heads

=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Lilita" Amazing pack

Mimikri - Embroidered Dress / Justine tahiti_Maitreya